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Kotak Kamera Trio collective of three box camera practitioners, photographers, camera builders, darkroom artists based in Malaysia. Showcasing our creations, sharing our thoughts, and to hopefully inspire others to dip their toes into alternative methods of image creation. We hope to engage with our various projects as we work with these living forms of photography.

Latest from the Blog

Introductions: Antoine Loncle

Antoine Loncle (b.1995) is a Malaysian-French documentary photographer using analog processes and materials in his work. In 2016 he traveled to Australia to undertake his BA in Photography at Photography Studies College, Melbourne. In this time, he has been fortunate enough to have had guidance from some of the country’sbiggest photographic artists, participated in several…

Introductions: Jeffrey Lim

Jeffrey Lim (b. 1978) is a communication designer by training, he has been actively involved in cycling & accessibility advocacy. His artistic expression stems from his cultural work in social art projects using cultural mapping, installation and photography. Jeff has worked in brand identity design and started his own design practise in 2009. As an…

Introductions: Nurul Huda

Nurul Huda (b. 1993) is a freelance photographer based in Selangor, Malaysia. With a deep interest in photography since 2010, she pursued her education in Diploma in Photography at SEGi College Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Her works focus mainly on portraiture, events and analogue photography. Her exploration on analogue photography began during her study days, which…

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